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Aims of Rainbow Pre-School

  • To provide a safe, caring environment with qualified staff

  • To help pre-school children enjoy learning through play away from home.

  • To promote each area of development, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical within a stimulating framework of play, enabling children to reach their full potential.

  • To prepare children for school and to ease their transition from home into full time education.

We do our best to develop a close partnership with all parents and carers, so that we can work together to encourage, develop and support your child.

We acknowledge the individuality of children, each child being respected as important and precious in their own right.


We aim to provide a nurturing and loving environment, with a high ratio of staff. This is particularly of benefit to any child needing extra help and support. 


The Church values the work of Rainbow Pre-school and gladly endorses its aims.

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