Daily Routine 

From 10 am to 11 am

Free play, snack bar and outside area is open

Staff supervise free play and also open the snack bar. A member of staff is present at the snack bar to help the children make healthy snack choices, cut their fruit & butter their crackers 


From 11.30 am the children return to free play until tidy up time at 11.50 am.


At midday we bring the children together on the mat for review time, a large group time where we do action songs, a story and a  variety of different engaging games.


At 12.10 the children get their coats and bags and then sing the goodbye song.  The doors open at 12.15 when they return to their parents.

9.15am Open doors to parents/carers,

Parents and carers are welcomed into the settings to settle their children. We feel this is an important part of the day to make the children feel comfortable before the parent leaves. We will work with you to manage any separation anxiety

9.30-10am Once all children have arrived and settled the outside play area is opened.

Small Group Time happens at 11.15 am for about 15 mins.


In this time each child has time with their key worker and they work together in small groups.


Active learning is at the centre of small group time which means that children will

  • Have materials to work with

  • Get to manipulate and explore those materials

  • Make choices about how they want to use those materials

During small group time adults interact with the children and describe what they see children doing in a way that developmentally matches and extends the child's own language.


Once a week we all put on our wellies and go to the Dawnay School to use their woodland area for young Explorers. For more information please see the Outdoor explorer page

Rainbow Pre-School (previously Rainbow Playgroup) 
Ofsted rated Outstanding
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