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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Rainbow open, how many sessions can I have and how does drop off and pick up happen?  
Mondays to Fridays, 09.15 - 12.15 during term times. Children may have up to 5 sessions per week and we recommend a minimum of 2.

Children should be on time, you can wait in the foyer with your child until the session starts. When you collect you child, you wait in the foyer until your child is brought to you by a member of staff. (See page 10 & 11 in prospectus) 

2. From what age can my child attend Rainbow? 

We accept children from the age of 2, FEET funding is available (see details on and page 1 of prospectus) 

3. Can I come to have a look around and can I stay and settle my child in the session?

Prospective Parents are welcome to visit Rainbow without prior arrangement, but it's helpful if you arrive after 9.30 so that the regular children can settle in with the full attention of staff. Parents are more than welcome to stay in the session for as long as it takes for their child to settle in and feel comfortable. 

4. What does a session cost and how do I pay?

A session costs £15 (reviewed annually). Fees are paid half-termly in advance. Alternative arrangements can be made by agreement with Janna. (Page 5 in prospectus)

5. How do I secure a place for my child at Rainbow?

You can pop into the Baptist Church and ask  for a prospectus, the registration / waiting list form is on the back cover. (Office hours Mon-Fri 09.30 – 15.15) or you can email or download a form   

6. What should my child wear to Rainbow?

Comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting spoiled, overalls are provided for painting but we encourage messy play. Sturdy, flat-soled shoes are best (no ‘crocs’ please). If it’s cold – send a coat, if it’s hot – send a hat, if it’s wet – send wellies as we go outdoors in all kinds of weather. (See page 15 of the prospectus)

7. What if my child is still in nappies?

That’s fine, we are happy to support you with potty training when your child is ready, until then – just send

nappies, wipes and a change of clothing in case of an accident.

8. Is there a snack-time in the session?

Yes we have a snack-bar every day for the children to socialise and choose and serve their own food and drinks from a healthy selection. Milk and water are provided, but we ask for each child to bring a piece of fruit / a vegetable in every day to share. There is no extra charge for this.

9. What if my child is sick?

If it happens at Playgroup we will call you ASAP to come and collect your child. If it happens at home, we ask you not to bring your child into Rainbow so that we keep infections among children and staff down to a minimum. If your child has a tummy bug, we ask you to keep them at home 48 hours since the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.

10. Where can I park when I collect and drop off my child?

There is ample parking available in the municipal car park next to the Co Op and the Baptist Church. You can obtain a special permit from Surrey County Council for £10 to be able to park for no extra cost during pickup and drop off times. Ask Janna for more details.

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