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All staff have been trained in:

Conflict Resolution (staff supporting children to solve problems in a positive way)

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Safeguarding and PREVENT

Level 2 Paediatric First Aid

Heidi Watson, Manager/SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) & DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Qualifications/training: Level 3 Diploma Children and the young people's workforce 0-17 ; 

Module 1 & 2 in Safeguarding/Child Protection ; Surrey SEND 3 day training

I am passionate about giving every child the best start on their learning journey. I want to give each child support in discovering, exploring and learning through play, in a welcoming, friendly, safe and nurturing environment. Every child is unique and that's what makes the job so exciting, exploring different experiences together with our wide range of activities, resources, media and materials.

Tracey Pratt, Deputy Manager/DDSL, Health and Safety Lead, Outdoor Explorers Lead

Qualifications/Training: Level 3 NNEB ; Module 1 & 2 in Safeguarding/Child Protection

I love working at Rainbow Pre-School, and getting to know the children and their families. We work closely as a team to support all the children to help them feel safe and secure, so they can flourish as they grow up - you really see their little personalities coming out! I enjoy doing messy play with the children, especially playdough.  Rainbow is such a warm, welcoming, friendly setting for staff and for children. 

Sharon Wilson, Behaviour Lead

Qualifications: Level 3 Diploma in preschool practice (DPP)  

I decided to become a qualified pre-school assistant because I love working with pre-schoolers - you can really see them grow and develop from when they join Rainbow until they're ready for school. I particularly enjoy working with children with additional needs and challenging behaviour, supporting and developing them to reach their full potential.

Sarah Elford

Training: Supporting children with Autism and Early Years and Developing Practice

I enjoy playing and interacting with the children and supporting their learning and development. It is a real joy watching children making progress, however small those steps may be.


Wendy McKeevor

I have worked as a pre-school assistant for many years and it's amazing to be back as part of the team at Rainbow, which is such a friendly and welcoming setting. I absolutely love my job; it's so rewarding to see the children's abilities and confidence growing constantly as they get ready for school.

Lisa Wicks

Helping and taking care of children is such a rewarding job and Rainbow Pre-School is a loving and caring environment. I enjoy supporting every child at the early stages of their learning journey to help them grow in confidence and develop towards their full potential.

Shaun Gravett

I became interested in helping children after my son attended Rainbow and I volunteered at Noah's Ark group at the Children's Centre. I enjoy seeing the benefit of giving focussed support to children and seeing them progress and gain confidence in what they can do. I'm always learning new things too, and developing my skills as I provide additional support to children.

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